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by Anne Johnson Nov 29, 2018

Experience Design

SoftServe Proud Feature of ATX Design Week

As part of the week’s activities, SoftServe participated in an office tour, where we were able to showcase our Austin office, how we work, and what we’ve been working on.

by Iurii Milovanov Jun 05, 2018

Experience Design IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Talk It Out: The Power of Voice Technology

Discover the rise of voice search and conversational commerce.

by Yaroslav Pidstryhach Mai 30, 2018

Experience Design IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Connecting the Dots with IoT

How the internet of things is connecting the world today, for tomorrow.

by Iurii Milovanov Mai 15, 2018

Experience Design R&D

Reality Check: Augmented, Virtual, Or Both?

Augmented reality, virtual reality, or both: which technology is right for you?

by Antonina Skrypnyk Nov 07, 2017

Experience Design Financial Services

Experience Design and Financial Services: Staying Current in a Disruptive Landscape

Discover the importance of experience design in Financial Services for growing revenue and boosting customer loyalty.

by Matt Kollmorgen Apr 19, 2017

Experience Design Media

Driving Personalized Experiences Through Data

Digital media expert Matt Kollmorgen explores how companies can provide custom-tailored experiences.

by Brian Heltsmith Apr 04, 2017

Experience Design

MVP the Right Way

In this blog post, experience design expert Brian Heltsmith explores the importance of building an MVP.

by Matt McBride Mrz 21, 2017

Experience Design

You Are a Designer and I Am a Prototype

Watch SoftServe VP Matt McBride discuss how a tragic accident led to a career in experience design.

by Andrii Glushko Mrz 16, 2017

Experience Design

User Involvement – An Essential Part of Development

Experience design expert Andrii Glushko explores the importance of incorporating the design thinking into agile development.

by Brian Heltsmith Mrz 06, 2017

Experience Design

Designer Dilemma: Users and Stakeholders

Experience design expert Brian Heltsmith explores empathy and the designer’s role in the development process.

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