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Case Study

Devices Update via Azure IoT Hub

The client wanted to upgrade, improve and customize its IoT devices so it was more convenient for its customers—farmers—to use and included the newest technologies.

Case Study

Back-end Web Application Analyzes Satellite Imagery for Data Prediction

The client collaborated with SoftServe to develop the back-end part of the web application to analyze the satellite images’ data through yield layer visualization.

Case Study

Mobile App Manages Soil Test Info

The product under development is a mobile app that provides users with a fast and accurate tool to soil sampling zone managed fields.

Case Study

Platform Migration Increases Productivity, Performance, and Saves Money

Through the app, customers can order labels, stickers with a specific look, content, size and more.

Case Study

PoC—Realm Integration with Mobile Application

The client’s main business challenge was improving user experience for its mobile application by reducing data update time.

Case Study

Web Application Maximizes Harvest and Minimizes Costs Spent on Fertilizers

The client consulted with SoftServe on its web application, which helps farmers maximize their harvest and minimize the costs spent on fertilizers.

Case Study

Platform Connects IoT Devices to Agricultural Machinery and Weather Stations

The SoftServe team was mostly responsible for the migration of the IoT devices from AWS to Azure IoT Hub.

Case Study

Data Modeling Provides More Efficient, User-friendly Solution

The client consulted with the SoftServe team to work on a web application which analyzes initial ground field data including humidity, crop capacity, how the crop is growing, and amount of fertilizers.

Case Study

Innovative Food Sustainability Data Service

AWS looked to SoftServe to clarify with the client how to build a service for visibility and transparency into food sustainability practices.