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Stärken Sie Ihr Unternehmen durch Wissen. Erfahren Sie von Vordenkern und SoftServe-Experten mehr über die neuesten Trends, Themen und Erkenntnisse in der Branche.


XR Molecular⁠—Extended Reality Molecular Explorer

Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality that provides an easier and quicker way to create, visualize, and explore the nuances of molecular structure in one solution by SoftServe R&D.


Smart Suit Solution—Virtual Workout Assistant

Experience smart(er) exercise for a healthier lifestyle.


OCEAN5: Personalized Advertising Tool

Find out more about your buyer personalities, create personalized offers and increase your sales.


Demand Prediction—Inventory and Marketing Optimization System

Meet the challenges of 2019 and become an omni-channel retailer.


Financial Shock Testing Toolkit

A testing software for portfolio managers that predicts the impact of market margin changes, and enhances accurate decision-making in portfolio management.


Meet Booter The Robot

Booter is our very own mobile catering robot who usually helps us out at major events around the world. Find out more about him!


Augmented Reality 'Talking Money'

Making banknotes come to life through an augmented reality (AR) app.


Touch My Heart: An Enhanced Version of a Real Heart

This AR app enables a live and direct view of a human heart, whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs.


Visionary Intelligence: Voice-Enabled Robo-Advisor

Using a smart and transparent software algorithm, this voice-enabled personal assistant assists investors to make investment decisions.


VPRM—Visual Recommendation Engine

Meet our visual objects identification and attribution solution for retail industry.

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