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Stärken Sie Ihr Unternehmen durch Wissen. Erfahren Sie von Vordenkern und SoftServe-Experten mehr über die neuesten Trends, Themen und Erkenntnisse in der Branche.


Higher Profitability with Design Thinking

Design thinking applies a human-centric approach to rapidly deliver high-quality solutions across the enterprise.

Case Study

Paul Tindall, CTO and VP of Engineering at GoTransverse


Driving Innovation Through Experience Design

Create compelling experiences through deep, customer-centric understanding.


Empathy in Software Design

How an empathetic, human-centered approach can improve experience design projects.

Case Study

Web-Based Service Infrastructure for Payment Processing

Our client had an outdated call center and they made the decision to create a web service for payment processing—via the web and phone to expand their portfolio of service offerings.

Case Study

David Hamson, VP of Engineering at NetDocuments

Case Study

IT Diagnostics Evaluates How Applications Support “As-Is” Business Processes

The client was interested in business growth through capabilities extension, talent growth, and adhering to a customer centric philosophy.


AI and ML: A More Robust Approach to Cybersecurity

Predictive technologies for superior data loss prevention.

Case Study

Solution Combines Availability and Performance Data into One Windows Application

The client consulted with SoftServe for help developing a new solution to monitor and manage the health, availability, and performance of the system powering critical business applications.

Case Study

Back-end Web Application Analyzes Satellite Imagery for Data Prediction

The client collaborated with SoftServe to develop the back-end part of the web application to analyze the satellite images’ data through yield layer visualization.

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