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by Jerry Sanchez

Avoid Stormy Weather—Optimize Cloud Security

A perfect storm of legacy systems, ill preparedness, and opportunistic criminals is driving brands to the cloud—but is there comprehensive shelter to be found there?

Many companies are migrating to the cloud while still lacking the expertise and resources to find optimal shelter there.

Once in the cloud, powerful platforms including AWS, Google, and Microsoft have superior security built-in, but like all tools, are only as effective as the ones wielding them.

Every cloud provider relies on a shared responsibility model, which means that while they each provide a strong foundational level of security support, each business is responsible for tailoring security to their own needs.

To get the most out of these cloud platforms requires expertise and dedicated hands to deep dive into the operational system and optimize security via:

  • Architectural review
  • Availability and scalability review
  • Ingress and egress networking review
  • DDOS risk analysis and performance testing
  • Security control implementation and management
  • OS hardening

Companies delaying migration to the cloud face even greater peril on two fronts: lesser security capabilities with legacy data centers, and the threat of irrelevance as the global marketplace speeds ahead.

Is your data airtight in the cloud?

SoftServe delivers security to the largest and most demanding global enterprise clients. This makes us ideally suited to not only chase storm clouds, but avoid them altogether. To learn more about SoftServe’s expertise in security optimization read our latest white paper, “Fortified Software Security.”

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