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by Serge Haziyev Aug 22, 2018

Data & Analytics Software Development

To Advance or Defend, That Is the Question 

Data value strategy is entirely dependent on the company.

by Serge Haziyev Aug 13, 2018

Data & Analytics Software Development

The Ants go Marching On

How prioritization and collaboration are essential to data value strategy

by Jess Vadino Jun 15, 2018

Data & Analytics Retail

Data’s Role in the Retail Experience

Find a 360-degree view of the customer through retail data integration.

by Iurii Milovanov May 23, 2018

Data & Analytics Software Development

The Current Reality of Artificial Intelligence

AI is often put in the context of the future—what is it doing today?

by Anton Arapetyan Apr 06, 2018

Data & Analytics Healthcare

Data-driven Healthcare

Healthcare is evolving into an industry that will soon be reliant on sharing data—why?

by Ivan Leshko Mar 12, 2018

Data & Analytics Financial Services

Banks Benefit When Customers Control Data with Blockchain

Learn how banks win in a time when customers can control their own data

by Valentyn Kropov Mar 05, 2018

Data & Analytics Retail

Big Data and Psychometrics: The Threshold of Change in Retail

Building the most accurate predictions of human behavior requires psychometric information, and the retail industry is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this.

by Iurii Milovanov, Serge Haziyev Jan 19, 2018

Data & Analytics

Big Data Maturity: Where Are You in the Journey?

SoftServe’s Big Data experts Serge Haziyev and Iurii Milovanov explain the Big Data maturity model.

by Taras Bachynskyy Jan 12, 2018

Data & Analytics

Setting Better Goals for Big Data Projects

SoftServe Data Architect Taras Bachynskyy gives insight on best practices and common misconceptions in setting attainable Big Data project goals.

by Alena Golopuz Dec 13, 2017

Data & Analytics

Giving Consumers Data Control Under the GDPR

The GDPR gives more power to consumers to control and manage the use of their data—are you compliant?

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