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by Igor Beliaiev Jul 27, 2017


Containers vs. Virtual Machines

As a leading digital services and software development company, SoftServe delivers proven high quality software development solutions to ISVs and enterprises.

by Michael Verlanov Nov 01, 2016

DevOps R&D

Perks of ChatOps: VoiceMyBot!

VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place without actual code integrations.

by Volodymyr Shram Jun 13, 2016


3 Best Practices for Dev/Test in the Cloud with Azure

Here are the top three Dev/Test practices to derive the maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure cloud service.

by Sergii Porokh May 23, 2016


StackStorm: DevOps to ChatOps

StackStorm: why is ChatOps becoming so popular nowadays?

by Olena Kayinska Mar 30, 2016


Unlocking AWS Potential: Case Study

How migrating to the AWS Cloud might help your application achieve its business and technical goals.