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by Rich Herrington Mar 21, 2019


Here’s to Your (Data) Health

How blockchain plays a (de)central role to transforming data in healthcare.

by Rich Herrington Feb 27, 2019


Healthcare Trends 2019: More Connected and More Converged

Trends in 2018 will evolve at the pace of rapid change for digital healthcare

by Rich Herrington Feb 13, 2019

Healthcare IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Be Smart About Healthcare AI

Leverage AI for value-based healthcare, but avoid these common mistakes.

by Taras Kovalchuk Nov 06, 2018

Healthcare IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Why Healthcare Needs AI and ML—Stat!

Big strides in healthcare’s digital journey are available daily.

by Anton Arapetyan Oct 23, 2018


Healthcare: Progress Starts with People

Machine learning makes healthcare better, but not without people.

by Alexander Amelin Oct 17, 2018


Don’t Fear the Cloud—Embrace It

Improve security and compliance with AWS and SoftServe.

by Alexander Amelin Oct 03, 2018


Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

How AWS and SoftServe empower healthcare providers today and for the future.

by SoftServe Team Sep 27, 2018

Healthcare IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

IoT: The Key to Healthcare Connectivity

IoT is the key for the unified healthcare system of the future.

by SoftServe Team Sep 12, 2018


Cloud Connectivity for a Unified Healthcare Portal

Move to the cloud for a portal that scales to the needs of your patients.

by Ihor Vasyutyn Jul 31, 2018


The Four Corners of Successful Healthcare Gamification

As gamification extends into other industries, how can healthcare capitalize on its many use cases?

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