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by Matt Kollmorgen Oct 02, 2018


Person(ality) Driven Recommendations for Media

How media can speak the right language for the five personality types.

by Matt Kollmorgen Sep 17, 2018


How (and why you need) to Identify Personality Traits for Marketing

Elevate personalization beyond demographics, purchase history, and interests.

by Matt Kollmorgen Aug 02, 2018


Nike Just Did It (And Why Your Brand Should, Too)

Personalization in brand experience is more data-driven now than ever.

by Matt Kollmorgen Jul 19, 2018


Technological Triage for Media

How to reclaim fans through innovation.

by Matt Kollmorgen Dec 07, 2017


7 Things Data Analytics Can Learn from Online Dating

Learn how online dating has leveraged data to launch itself into a multi-billion-dollar business.

by Matt Kollmorgen Aug 02, 2017


TV of Tomorrow: Takeaways and Trends to Watch

Matt Kollmorgen, VP, Digital Transformation comments on the latest tech from the TV of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco.

by Tanya Hamlii Jun 05, 2017


Workplace an Essential Part of SoftServe’s Growth

SoftServe’s global team connects on Workplace, an effective tool for internal communications and digital innovation.

by Matt Kollmorgen Apr 19, 2017

Experience Design Media

Driving Personalized Experiences Through Data

Digital media expert Matt Kollmorgen explores how companies can provide custom-tailored experiences.