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by Jess Vadino Nov 21, 2018


RETAIL HIVE LIVE RECAP: Engaging the Connected Customer

Take a look at the key takeaways from retailers and retail experts as a result of the roundtable topic, “Data, Analytics & Customer Visibility in an Omnichannel World.”

by Jeremy Parsons Oct 10, 2018


Breaking Out of the Old Brick-and-Mortar Retailing

How will your retail business rethink the way it does brick-and-mortar?

by Jess Vadino Jun 27, 2018


Reachable Innovations for Retail

Accessible ways to capture customer data and engagement.

by Jess Vadino Jun 15, 2018

Data & Analytics Retail

Data’s Role in the Retail Experience

Find a 360-degree view of the customer through retail data integration.

by Valentyn Kropov Jun 02, 2018

IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML Retail

AI + ML in Retail: Getting Started

Learn why and how to best implement AI and ML into your retail business.

by Paul Hartjen May 10, 2018


Personalization in Retail: What Not to Do

Personalization is on every retailer’s mind—but what happens when personalization goes wrong?

by Paul Hartjen Apr 24, 2018


The 4 Dimensions of Retail Personalization

Retail personalization = Customer loyalty

by Valentyn Kropov Apr 11, 2018


Shoptalk Takeaways: Top Retail Challenges & Solutions

See the top retail challenges and solutions that SoftServe heard at Shoptalk—and our demos that address each problem.

by Jess Vadino Mar 14, 2018


Recommendation vs. Personalization in Retail

Going beyond recommendation engines to personalization that creates loyalists

by Jess Vadino Mar 07, 2018


Personalization as Key Currency for Retail

Customer loyalty is the new differentiator for retail—are you doing it well?

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