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by Jerry Sanchez Nov 29, 2018

Security Software Development

Security and Compliance: Good, Better, Best

Ensure security + compliance in software optimization.

by Jerry Sanchez Nov 14, 2018

Security Software Development

Avoid Stormy Weather—Optimize Cloud Security

What your company needs for cloud security optimization.

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Sep 13, 2018

Financial Services Security

Financial Services Security: Technology vs. Behavior

Financial services is catching up to customer expectations, but speed can disregard important aspects of security

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Aug 30, 2018

Financial Services Security

Common Misconceptions in Finserv Security

Thinking about implementing a new security posture? Make sure your bases are covered. 

by Volodymyr Yelchev Nov 27, 2017

Healthcare Security

Healthcare Security: Diagnosing Ransomware Risk

Learn how security assessments and penetration testing determine your security posture.

by Volodymyr Yelchev Nov 22, 2017

Healthcare Security

Due Diligence in Healthcare Cloud Security

Know your security responsibilities and vulnerabilities.

by Vlada Kulish Jul 27, 2017


The Secure Development Lifecycle: Proactive v. Reactive

Protect assets from compromised software using one of two secure development lifecycles.

by Vlada Kulish Jul 27, 2017


Multilayered Security Control: Tips & Tricks

Security controls: keep data secure with safeguards that detect, avoid, and minimize risk.

by Yulia Kryval Feb 16, 2017


SoftServe Awarded “Cybersecurity Team of the Year”

The 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognizes SoftServe’s security professionals for IT security expertise.

by Nazar Tymoshyk Dec 05, 2016

Financial Services Security

Seven Security Strategies for FinTech

Read on for a unique set of security concerns financial services, banking, and fintech industries are facing.