Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program ensures a sustainable future for our employees, our company, and the communities in which we live and work across the globe.

a commitment to service

At SoftServe, our initiatives and business practices reflect a commitment to making our world a better place. This commitment is fundamental to why many of our employees come to work every day. We take our responsibility seriously to make a notable impact to the lives of those around us. And we are committed to meeting our responsibility to address economic, social, and environmental issues in our world today.

our corporate social responsibility programs

education initiatives

SoftServe University, founded in 2006, provides innovative IT education free of charge for talented university students, with an option for employment at SoftServe top students. We also collaborate with a range of educational institutions which identify and develop strong IT talent, including Lviv Business School.

open eyes fund

As part of our commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for the communities we live and work in, SoftServe founded the Open Eyes Charity fun to raise funds for local hospitals, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers.

corporate volunteerism

As active members of their communities, many of our employees donate their time, knowledge, experience, and money to support a variety of local charities. This includes support for orphanages, the annual “IT-Santa” initiative, presentations on IT topics for students, and charity match fundraising.

fair labor practices and human rights

We are passionate about providing a working environment where employees are respected, rewarded and engaged, and have achieved numerous accreditations and awards recognizing employee satisfaction and a clear commitment to sustainability in both Ukraine and abroad.

environmental initiatives

SoftServe also cares about reducing our environmental footprint, making our ‘Go Green’ initiative a top priority. All employees are asked to align with simple rules throughout their day to help protect the environment for future generations and make the world a cleaner place. Our ‘Go Green’ initiative focuses on recycling waste, careful use of resources, and encourages eco-friendly behavior and operational eco-efficiency throughout the company.

Download our Corporate Social Responsibility report to learn more about our programs from 2015 through 2016.

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