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Be a Rendering Hero

Rendering is the unsung hero of today’s exciting visual content. Without it, there would be no 4K UHD television to watch or on-demand content to stream. Today’s films, immersive games, and virtual experiences require intensive processing that to date has been unprecedented in the media and entertainment industry.

Consumers want the best, they want to be entertained quickly, and for the best price—and they are literally cutting ties with content providers that charge a higher subscription rate than the competition. This places the onus on media and entertainment (M&E) creative and IT teams to keep pace and deliver on those perpetually higher expectations.

For VFX, 3D/2D, and IBMR professionals, wasted time and motion are unacceptable due to this need for speed and efficiency, and to ensure profitability. Content demand is growing so rapidly that it is no longer sustainable for enterprise M&E companies to rely solely on traditional on-premises server farms.

Learn more about modernizing VFX, 3D/2D, and IBMR rendering to keep ahead of rapidly growing content demands.

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