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Case Study

Fixes and Optimizations Improve Website Performance

The new system needed to support and enhance future business growth by providing new opportunities for external system integration.

Case Study

Renewed ERP System Future Proofs Production and Sales Processes for Fashion Industry Leader

Our client was looking for a software solution that could effectively support and improve existing and future business processes.

Case Study

GCP Cloud Re-Platforming Supports Real Estate Giant’s Digital Journey

SoftServe’s partner, Google Cloud, needed to articulate clear and compelling success criteria to justify a cloud migration for the client.

White Paper

TegBand: Implementing A Thermo-Electric Generator Band

The TegBand Project demonstrates how to harvest ambient thermal energy.

Case Study

Jungle Disk Migrates 4.5 PB to Google Cloud

The client needed to move 4.5 PB of data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for cost-saving purposes and better storage plans.

Case Study

Vertigo Music Completes Successful AWS to GCP Cloud Migration

Vertigo engaged GCP together with SoftServe to migrate on GCP App Engine Flexible Environment to reduce hosting and operation expenses.

Case Study

Centuries Old Bank Consolidates Data On Legacy Systems with Managed Capacity Service Model

Streams from heterogeneous data sources were integrated with a centralized Hadoop cluster.


Crippling Insecurity in IT

Data breaches cost companies fortunes yet widespread lack of prevention remains.


FinTech Connect 2018: Express Innovation Using Tomorrow's Technologies

An overview of how easy it is to use advanced technologies as part of your innovation, and take us through some of the recent projects leveraging AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain.


Financial Shock Testing Toolkit

A testing software for portfolio managers that predicts the impact of market margin changes, and enhances accurate decision-making in portfolio management.

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