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Why a Hacker Should Be Your New Best Friend

Learn more about proactive security measures you can take to protect your organization from hacker’s attack.


Digital Product Security: How to Protect Your Software Investment

As digital technologies become more integral in today’s world, learn how to build secure and compliant software.


Technology Trends in 2016: Digital Transformation Today and Tomorrow

Check out our expert whitepaper to see what technology trends will be gaining traction in 2016 and beyond.


5 Trends Healthcare ISVs Should Explore

EHR, data, mobile: what are the next big healthcare trends ISVs should explore and invest in?


Software Testing Trends 2016: No Longer a Lonely Stranger

Software testing trends 2016: everything you need to know about testing and test automation in software development.


5 Scenarios on the Future of the Pharmaceutical Sector

How the connection between 21st Century Cures Act and precision medicine would influence the pharmaceutical sector.


Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?

Can artificial intelligence and machine learning act as an enabler for changes in medicine and healthcare?


The Value of Big Data in Modern Enterprises

Discover the value of Big Data and Analytics in today’s enterprise.


Anomaly Detection: Unsupervised Approach

From data mining to intrusion detection: how anomaly helps identify informational security risk.

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Martin Novak, Program Manager at SolarWinds

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