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Case Study | Software

Congruity360 Uses AWS and Its Managed Services as Platform for AIA Cloud

Congruity360 is a comprehensive, single-source solution provider specializing in high-quality managed services across enterprise data storage, migration, information governance, and support. Operating from its privately-owned data center, Congruity360 supports the entire data lifecycle by simplifying and optimizing data management infrastructures. Congruity360 empowers end users and partners to focus on their core business competencies by increasing data reliability, reducing risk, and saving time. Congruity360 is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and transformation in an ever-evolving IT ecosystem.

Business Challenge

Congruity360’s Audit, Intelligence, Action (AIA) solution offers unique capabilities to customers—many are large Fortune 500 enterprises. These enterprises share common IT practices for on-premise environments. Delivering a simple proof of concept (PoC) required Congruity360 to go through all challenges related to traditional hardware, additional security clearances, and long contract negotiations. These challenges significantly increased time-to-revenue.

The company’s AIA solution was ahead of its competitors. However, as industry leaders began to focus more on the market, Congruity360 knew they needed to move quickly to acquire a critical mass of customers to secure its leadership position. To be successful, they needed to reduce customer acquisition time, expose the solution to a much broader audience, and eliminate their upfront commitment and costs associated with running the AIA.

Project Description

Congruity 360 collaborated with SoftServe to build a bundled AIA cloud solution—a subset of the AIA solution—distributed via the community AMI channel. AIA Cloud would need a defined set of functionalities based on the minimum viable product (MVP) scope, which was determined by the SoftServe and Congurity360 teams during the discovery workshop.

The primary drivers for the MVP scope included adding functionality that would limit the amount of support needed from the Congruity360 professional services engineers while satisfying the basic requirements of potential customers.

The team determined the deployment and basic configuration of the AIA Cloud should be automated and available to customers via the AIA cloud web deployment tool. This configuration does not require support or maintenance from the Congruity360 development team.

Prospects can try the solution via the AIA Cloud with a PoC license— limited with time and functionality. Once the prospect decides to move forward, they would purchase a license that will give them access to the complete solution and support—from professional services—to help with additional configurations, customizations, and training.

The AIA Cloud solution included the AIA binary deliverables without access to the Congruity360 source code and IP. Building additional infrastructure components required streamlining the end-user experience during setup and gathering operational metrics based on actual product use.

The SoftServe team defined the milestones for the new AIA Cloud, which included:

  • Migrating AIA components to AWS
  • Automating AIA Cloud packaging and installation on AWS
  • Implementing AIA Cloud web deployment tool
  • Integrating the solution with the Congruity360 delivery pipeline

Value Delivered

Using AWS and its managed services as a platform for AIA Cloud provided a scalable environment with no upfront costs and a resource on demand payment model. This setup was optimal for validating the AIA product functionality as a part of the PoC scenarios. Additionally, the AIA Cloud can be optimized for elastic resource usage that is based on the “occasional use” model and may achieve more infrastructure savings—making the cost of running it a differentiator of AIA. SoftServe developed a custom logic using a cost-effective approach to launching and deleting expensive Amazon EC2 GPU instances so that they are launched only while MLE tasks are running.

Additional cost reductions are planned and will be achieved by migrating from the MSSQL database—used by AIA today—to the PostgreSQL technology. The predicted savings achieved through this migration varied from 3-5 times for DB resource cost, which will depend on the edition of the SQL Server.