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Demo | Financial Services

Financial Shock Testing Toolkit

What if you could know whether a company or enterprise that you have invested in has enough capital to survive critical economic conditions?

After extensive research, SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab and the R&D team have developed a portfolio shock testing tool that aims to provide portfolio managers with very specific information related to their portfolios.

By harnessing the power of data science, the tool:

  • Creates on-the-go shock testing scenarios by using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques
  • Integrates open source resources for extracting data on a daily basis about share prices
  • Predicts the impact of critical market changes and enables portfolio managers to adjust portfolios to analyze shares so that they can minimize risk and increase profit

The product’s analytics component:

  • Provides insights into portfolio performance at a given time
  • Captures the portfolio’s dynamics and measures risk under certain scenarios
  • Enhances accurate decision making in portfolio management

Use Cases

Risk mitigation – Incentivizes portfolio managers to apply robust risk mitigation and management practices.

Business intelligence – Formulates performance strategies, portfolio efficiency, and return on investment.

Security – Portfolio managers can carry out extensive shock tests against scenarios tailored to suit specific portfolios. These tests can prepare them for a financial crisis or serious market movements.

Regulation – Portfolio managers can use this tool as an extra support to be compliant with regulations.


Can help institutional investors, angel investors, and individual private investors to manage portfolios in real-time, and help them to make data-driven decisions.