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FinTech Connect 2018: Express Innovation Using Tomorrow's Technologies

An overview of how easy it is to use advanced technologies as part of your innovation, and take us through some of the recent projects leveraging AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain.


Financial Shock Testing Toolkit

A testing software for portfolio managers that predicts the impact of market margin changes, and enhances accurate decision-making in portfolio management.


Augmented Reality 'Talking Money'

Makes banknotes come to life through an augmented reality (AR) app.


Visionary Intelligence: Voice-Enabled Robo-Advisor

Using a smart and transparent software algorithm, this voice-enabled personal assistant helps investors to make investment decisions.


Financial Services Security: The Cost of a Breach

Take a look at the cost of a breach in your financial services business.

White Paper

Why Legacy Financial Services Should Embrace FinTech

How collaboration (not competition) can futureproof success in financial services.

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It’s Time to (Securely) Innovate Financial Services

Discover best practices for secure innovation in financial services


DLT: The Problem with Scale

How much does scalability cost in the world of DLT?


Payments Using Augmented Reality

An exciting new AR card app allows customers to easily manage their day-to-day financial and shopping activities.

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DLT 2.0: It’s All About Scalability

Create scalable DLT solutions with agent-based modeling.

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