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Healthcare Trends 2019—Technically, It's Personal

Applying AL, ML, mHealth, and blockchain to achieve personalized healthcare.

Case Study

Solution Developed to Separate Financial Data in Non-Treatment Related Tasks

Our client's solution automates many non-treatment related tasks, which allows providers and patients to stay connected and be more productive

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Software Migrates to New Platform to Grow Its Business

The client wanted to grow its business and create a multi-vendor, single cart marketplace for the non-pharmaceutical market.

Case Study

Knowledge Management Service Solution Provides a Collaborative Authoring Environment

Knowledge service that encompasses the needs of stakeholders including the clinician and fiscal end users, administrators, installers and implementers, and support personnel.

Case Study

Healthcare Solution Identifies Patient Demographics and Validates Eligibility During Registration Process

The main goal was to provide the functionality of the existing legacy modules with a new browser-based ‘metro-style’ UI.

Case Study

Audit Management System Creates Electronic Surveys, Automates Processes, and Tracks Audits and Results

Our client wanted to implement an audit management system that allowed auditors to create electronic audit surveys, automate audit processes, track all audits and the results.

Case Study

Applications Updated to Improve User Satisfaction for Dental Practice Management Software

Our client is one of the leaders in the dental practice management software field in the U.S., and has a well-established presence overseas.

Case Study

HL7 Engine Redesign Integrates Partner Specific Features with Existing Client Products

The main goal for the project was to win a bid for a planned implementation and to integrate the company’s partner’s specific features with existing client products.

Case Study

ASC and Therapy Software Provider Migrates Legacy Products to New SaaS Platform

SoftServe team helped the healthcare client develop a modern and transitional roadmap for the new SaaS platform and its implementation.


Touch My Heart: An Enhanced Version of a Real Heart

This AR app enables a live and direct view of a human heart, whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs.

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