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Case Study | Agriculture

Mobile App Manages Soil Test Info

Our client develops data driven technologies that help farmers run efficient operations to produce more food. The company—servicing millions of acres worldwide—uses innovative digital agronomic tools to focus on the sustainable production of high-yield, high-quality crops. The solutions are designed to optimize inputs, minimize environmental impact, and protect the farm’s economic viability.

Business Challenge

The mobile app market is one of the fastest growing areas in the recent times, and businesses that don’t take app strategies seriously will be left behind. This is why the client wanted their services to be available on every device possible. The choice of the mobile app was predefined by the need for faster, more convenient gathering and management of essential information for agronomical analysis.

Project Description

The product under development is a mobile app that provides users with a fast and accurate tool to soil sampling zone managed fields. This tool is designed to save the soil sampler and agronomist time in the field and office— to enable soil sampling by zone so that it is done as efficiently as possible.


  • Job List—allows the users to see all assigned jobs/fields.
  • New Field—allows the users to create a new field and job for it.
  • Customizable map view—displays all data for user job with a lot of customizable settings.
  • Soil Sampling—allows the users to put some predefined geolocation points on the field and navigate to them and prepare the sampling with customizable depth level.
  • Offline mode.

The SoftServe Scrum team worked closely with the client’s development team and contributed into vital features implementation like offline mode and further data synchronization, including performance optimization.

The business analyst (BA)—a person on the client's side—was responsible for formulating the business and technical requirements that were indicated in Jira as particular tasks.

Technology Stack

JavaScript Realm Visual studio code Reactotron
CSS3 Redux Git Android Studio
HTML5 Redux-Saga JSLint Jira
React native Googleapis GitHub
react-native-mapbox-gl @turf/turf Xcode debug tools

Value Delivered

As a result of the collaboration, the client received a responsive, modern application that simplified the user experience and made it more positive. The application offered instant online and offline access. With optimized performance, the application helped agronomists to store and receive required data faster and save time for making analysis basing on the gathered data.