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Let knowledge empower your business. Learn the latest industry trends, issues, and insights from SoftServe thought leaders and experts.


Meet Booter The Robot

Booter is our very own mobile catering robot who usually helps us at major events around the world. Find out more about him!


Retail Security in 2019: Thinking Ahead

Security breaches are on the rise in retail—how will your business protect itself in 2019?


Retail Value: Using AI for Competitive Advantage

Artificial intelligence fuels personalization—how will you use it in your business?

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Retail 2019: A Year for Brilliant Connections

Which technological priorities are at the top of you retail wish list?

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AI + ML in Retail: Best Practices

Looking to implement AI and ML into your retail business? Discover best practices and avoid common missteps.


Personalization Is Powered by AI

Personalization powered by big data, AI, and ML.

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Earn Fan Loyalty with Personalization 2.0

If it’s not personal, there is no business.

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Data: The New Currency For Retail

Consolidate, differentiate, and integrate data for optimal insights.

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Shoptalk: Top 9 Retail Challenges and Solutions

Discover the best customer experience retail can offer, whether digital or brick-and-mortar.

Case Study

Markus Schünemann, Chief Technology Officer at Amorelie

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