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Case Study

E-commerce Solution Increases Car Dealer Sales

The client consulted with SoftServe to rebuild their existing e-commerce solution to help car dealers struggling to increase sales.


Investing in Retail Innovation 2019

The value of personalization through innovation in 2019.

Case Study

SAP HANA Migration Leverages Google BigQuery for Food Retail Giant

Our retail client needed to improve analytics capabilities while reducing associated IT costs.


Build a Better Maze in Media

Optimize your recommendation engine with a hybrid, multivariate, human-centric model.

Case Study

Renewed ERP System Future Proofs Production and Sales Processes for Fashion Industry Leader

Our client was looking for a software solution that could effectively support and improve existing and future business processes.

Case Study

Web-Based Security Monitoring Application Improves User Satisfaction

The client wanted to attract new customers and increase its sales by providing a redesigned application that changed user flows to improve user experience.

Case Study

Visualization Tool Builds Data-based Graphics for Sales Analytics Solution

To increase the number of renewed contracts, and thus revenue, optimized sales and price recommendations were needed to maximize margin dollars without the risk of losing business.


Meet Booter The Robot

Booter is our very own mobile catering robot who usually helps us at major events around the world. Find out more about him!


Retail Security in 2019: Thinking Ahead

Security breaches are on the rise in retail—how will your business protect itself in 2019?


Retail Value: Using AI for Competitive Advantage

Artificial intelligence fuels personalization—how will you use it in your business?

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