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Retail 2019: A Year for Brilliant Connections

Which technological priorities are at the top of you retail wish list?

Case Study

B2B Platform Simplifies Ordering Process for Consumer Goods Company

The company wanted to provide pharmacies with a third channel - a B2B platform - to order products


VPRM—Visual Recommendation Engine

Meet our visual objects identification and attribution solution for retail industry.

Case Study

Lead Management System Customized to Meet Specific Needs of Automotive OEMs

In order to be competitive in the rapidly developing market, the client needed an enterprise lead management system, as well as customize products for specific OEM needs.


AI + ML in Retail: Best Practices

Looking to implement AI and ML into your retail business? Discover best practices and avoid common missteps.

Case Study

Security as a Service Product Evolves with Rebrand, New functionality and Integration

The client engaged with SoftServe to rebrand the SaaS solution, which was used by many leading brands.


Personalization Is Powered by AI

Personalization powered by big data, AI, and ML.


Earn Fan Loyalty with Personalization 2.0

If it’s not personal, there is no business.


Data: The New Currency For Retail

Consolidate, differentiate, and integrate data for optimal insights.


Shoptalk: Top 9 Retail Challenges and Solutions

Discover the best customer experience retail can offer, whether digital or brick-and-mortar.

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