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Case Study

Markus Schünemann, Chief Technology Officer at Amorelie


Remastering Retail: The Personalization Mix

Are you in “tune” with today’s digital customer?


Financial Benefits of Retail Personalization

There is a great financial benefit to investing in customer loyalty.


What if Retail Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Evolving?

Customer loyalty is driving retail—and personalized, omnichannel experiences are more important than ever


BioLock: Smart Authentication System

A smart system for continuous authentication and monitoring of human well-being.

Case Study

AWS-Based Microclimate Control for Nestlé

The unique combination of smart hardware and software solutions leveraged by IoT and big data technologies for an exceptional climate control system for Nestle.

Case Study

Rainbow Hits Conversion Goal with Digital Sales

SoftServe’s team of Sitecore experts increase customer conversion rate


Click and Mortar Customer Experience


Embracing the Digital Customer

How will digitization change human interaction? Retain and increase your customer base in a digital world.

Case Study

Application Security Assessment For Automotive Mobile App

SoftServe’s Security team helped leading automobile manufacturer to ensure full compliance with security requirements against potential mobile apps threats.

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