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White Paper

The Magic of Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR) is one of the next big waves in spatial computing and when MR reaches full potential, it will change how we all use and think about technology.

Case Study

SoftServe’s VR Gym Brings a New Level of Virtual Reality to Boxing

SoftServe is taking the world of sports to a new dimension with help of VR and body tracking in its VR Gym application developed by the company's R&D division.

Case Study

Public Safety Software Enables Web and Mobile Reporting for Non-emergency Crimes

The client wanted to extend its product portfolio to new target audiences by developing a competitive citizen mobile and web reporting application in a short timeframe.

Case Study

IoT Software Development Kit for Bio Sensors and Bio Processors

In order to reduce the battery consumption rate in end user devices, SoftServe moved part of signal processing logic to a wearable device DSP.

White Paper

TegBand: Implementing A Thermo-Electric Generator Band

The TegBand Project demonstrates how to harvest ambient thermal energy.

Case Study

Jungle Disk Migrates 4.5 PB to Google Cloud

The client needed to move 4.5 PB of data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for cost-saving purposes and better storage plans.

Case Study

GCP Data Lake Migration for Enterprise Data Capture Leader

Our client had workflows running on AWS and wanted to migrate them to GCP. The ultimate long-term goal was to save costs.

Case Study

Migrating Content from a Legacy Solution to the New Sitecore XP Solution

The main challenge of the project was migrating the content from the legacy Sitecore implementation to the new Sitecore XP solution.

Case Study

Staffing Tools Optimized To Accelerate The Staffing Process

The SoftServe team, in order to support the company's strategy of growing by three times over the next three years, needed to accelerate its staffing process.

Case Study

Financial Budgeting Platform Allows Changes and Analysis in Online Mode

The CIS finance team worked with SoftServe's finance department to find a solution that gives users the ability to change and analyze financial project activities in an online mode.

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