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Metrics for DevOps Success

DevOps best practices enable businesses to deploy better, faster, and with higher quality. How will you measure DevOps success?

Case Study

TennSMART Intelligent Mobility Platform with Google Cloud

SoftServe’s Intelligent Mobility Platform (IMP)—powered by Google Cloud—is a solid technical foundation for future TennSMART data platforms.


Better Systems, Better DevOps

Improve DevOps value with containers and microservices.


DevOps: Calibrating for Value

Improve speed, quality, and ROI across the enterprise with DevOps.


Data Governance by the Numbers

The value of data governance.


Smart Workwear for Safer Work

SoftServe’s R&D team built several smart workwear prototypes with an embedded device and sensors, researched algorithms for detecting workers’ instant health issues and unsafe behavior.


Understanding Data

Data governance for competitive advantage.


The Magic of Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR) is one of the next big waves in spatial computing and when MR reaches full potential, it will change how we all use and think about technology.

Case Study

SoftServe’s VR Gym Brings a New Level of Virtual Reality to Boxing

SoftServe is taking the world of sports to a new dimension with help of VR and body tracking in its VR Gym application developed by the company's R&D division.

Case Study

Public Safety Software Enables Web and Mobile Reporting for Non-emergency Crimes

The client wanted to extend its product portfolio to new target audiences by developing a competitive citizen mobile and web reporting application in a short timeframe.

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