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A Closer Look at Biometric Identification

Details about biometric methods for identification verification based on lab experiments, including finger vein, bioimpedance, and electrocardiogram (ECG).

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Retail 2019: A Year for Brilliant Connections

Which technological priorities are at the top of you retail wish list?

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Elevating Healthcare with the Cloud

How AWS and SoftServe empower healthcare clients through Cloud services and DevOps

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The Enterprise Digital Journey

In today’s intensely competitive global landscape, companies should plan for a continuous Digital Journey.

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The Biggest Challenges Facing Media Today

An interview with Matt Kollmorgen, VP Digital Strategy, Global Media Solutions

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Healthcare 3.0: The Doctor is Always In

Cloud connectivity leads to better health outcomes and lower costs for all.

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Why Legacy Financial Services Should Embrace FinTech

How collaboration (not competition) can futureproof success in financial services.

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From DevOps to DataOps

The most important thing about working with data is knowing the right questions to ask.

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It’s Time to (Securely) Innovate Financial Services

Discover best practices for secure innovation in financial services

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Why You Need a Data Value Strategy 

Identify your most valuable data, where to find it, and how to mine and monetize it.   

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