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Our expertise spans from experience strategy and digital product innovation, to total business transformation. Below is a selection of our solutions and we believe anything is possible.

Innovation Platform

Drive continuous innovation with a systematic process for outside-in (crowdsourced) ideation, market-validated concept development, and commercialization. Create a culture of innovation by driving successful outcomes with the Innovation Platform, regardless of the level of innovation maturity. Combine structure and experience with our Innovation Platform Modules.

  • Navigate virtual collaborative ideation with purpose. Create, collect, discuss, vote, experiment, store, and share files. Invite employees, external partners, and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem solve.

  • Leverage design-thinking methodologies to refine ideas into prototypes and market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Collect feedback, analyze results, and refine concepts—all in one place.

  • Accelerate the implementation and maintenance of an idea, aligning it with corporate objectives and key results (OKRs). Create a well-planned and executed implementation approach, driving outcomes and value for the business. Deliver the best customer experience efficiently with the highest-quality solution.

Big Data, AI, And Machine Learning

Data is the currency fueling today’s economy. It is the foundation for optimizing business and understanding customer behaviors—from operations to commerce, to personalized experiences, to superior customer service.

SoftServe turns raw data into intelligent information to reveal key trends, ultimately enabling smarter business decisions. We empower connected machines and computers to learn, evolve, and improve their own learning. Our big data concepts are so powerful Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute adopted them in 2016.

  • Go beyond traditional reports and data warehousing. Gain access to personalized and predictive dashboards that users can mine in real-time, from anywhere.

  • Leverage historical data to gain meaningful insights into the business, markets, customers, and services. Use data exploration, a 360º customer view, and inferential analysis to support critical decisions and reveal unique ways of monetizing data.

  • Tackle multi-dimensional problems that require a nontraditional approach. Optimize costs through robotics process automation and enable new business models by automating tasks through computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition.

  • Make a step towards natural human-computer interaction by developing systems that are able to learn, reason, and act as humans. Leveraging multi-disciplined expertise in IoT, cognitive design, and artificial intelligence.

Experience Design

Designing for digital experience is about more than the way things look on a screen. True experience design is about driving business goals and—most importantly—addressing end user needs and desires. No tool or technology can be effective without a deep understanding of who will use it and how. Guided by a strong belief in the fundamentals of design thinking, SoftServe considers the relationship between our clients and their customers in every interaction. Our process starts with engaging in deep user research that allows us to empathize. Only then do we perform prototype experiments, iterating to arrive at the optimal application of technology, and ultimately creating meaning in the user’s life.

  • Framing the business problem from the user’s point of view to establish what to design and why, before approaching how to design.

  • Determine the experience information architecture and overall behavior. Prototype, test, and iterate using a robust system of feedback loops.

  • Bring a high-level design or prototype to completion through robust guidance, close collaboration with development teams, and system designs.


From home automation to healthcare devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating connections between machines, the cloud, and humans, revolutionizing the way the world works. Businesses that invest in IoT today will become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

SoftServe helps businesses explore and develop connected products and services to attract, serve, and retain customers. From design and device connectivity, to security and intelligence, our IoT solutions enhance the user experience and provide critical new opportunities to capture cognitive, emotional, and behavioral metrics. In doing so, our IoT solutions optimize the overall value chain of things, data, processes, and people.

  • Apply the best combination of user experience and technology, ensuring contextual relevance and compliance in the existing environment.

  • Significantly increase the value of legacy systems, while improving processes and reducing operational costs. Leverage data generated by IoT projects to support and further core business objectives.

  • Incorporate products and assets enabled with sensors and actuators into the business. Once connected securely into the data center or cloud, collect and integrate the data to enable business intelligence and predictive analytics and gain exceptional operational awareness.

  • Custom IoT application, service design, and implementation that amplifies human intelligence and capabilities.

  • Implement a holistic approach for IoT security, covering physical devices, networking, data, and applications, as well as device operations and organizational processes.

  • Create smart devices that make decisions on the edge using machine learning techniques, while optimizing consumption. Collect, store, and transmit data reliably through wireless sensor networks with device redundancy.


Often waterfall and other similar development processes cannot offer the flexibility and scalability needed to support rapid digital innovation. SoftServe’s DevOps integrates development, quality engineering, and operations, introducing a collaborative approach that combines agile thinking, automation, and advanced tools to help disparate groups work cohesively. The result is a development cycle that deploys changes faster with less risk.

Our DevOps solutions accelerate software development, leveraging domain experts and optimizing efficiency, while driving down operational costs.

  • Reduce bootstrap time for new projects with automated provisioning that enables operations teams to ramp up new development environments, fast.

  • Enhance visibility of project progress by building and deploying software in stages, with fully automated deployment cycles.

  • Enjoy simplified system configuration across diverse development and production environments.

  • Migrate solutions to the cloud that optimize resources and adhere to operational policy and security standards. Our team includes certified experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Leverage the latest availability and performance monitoring technologies to reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) failures.

  • Reduce operational costs with ChatOps that connect people, bots, and tools, making information readily available while optimizing workflows.


Software engineering is at the heart of what we do at SoftServe. With solid project experience, world-class skills, and proven competencies—our core engineers consistently deliver innovative products and solutions that achieve results for clients.

  • Trust every stage of software development to SoftServe’s product and service development teams, from brainstorming to post-delivery support.

  • Stay on top of project quality and overall progress through a stage-based delivery pipeline that verifies and validates functionality at every turn.

  • Expect fewer contingencies and higher development cycle stability in an environment where cross-functional teams control configuration.

  • Ensure a cohesive solution that results from project managers and business analysts sharing a vision for the deployment of software for clients.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive approach to software security that covers devices, networking, data and applications, digital operations, and processes.

  • See your test strategy defined up front – including possible obstacles to development – and get sound advice on team structure and ramp-up process.

  • Gain insight into existing test automation solutions, receive recommendations on improvements, and implement them based on overall evaluation. Rely on the concepts and tools in SoftServe’s proprietary Test Automation Framework (TAF) to automate software testing and speed your time to market.

  • Setup QA processes from scratch or merge existing ones to achieve your required level of quality and consistency. Create enhanced testing strategies, knowledge sharing, and engineers’ onboarding plans.

  • Receive assistance during performance, load, stress testing, process setup, and results analysis.

  • Enjoy quality results with systematic tracking that includes comprehensive metrics collection, continuous assessment, and ongoing improvement.