Wechseln sie die bildschirmausrichtung ihres geräts ins hochformat.

by Rodion Myronov Feb 21, 2019

Data & Analytics Software Development

Keeping Compliant: The Importance of Data Governance

As data usage grows more complex, new regulatory initiatives make compliance an important component of data governance.

by Rich Herrington Feb 13, 2019

Healthcare IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Be Smart About Healthcare AI

Leverage AI for value-based healthcare, but avoid these common mistakes.

by Guillaume Kendall Feb 05, 2019

Financial Services

2019 Trends: Financial Services Firms Shift Focus to Collaboration

Customer experience, big data, blockchain, and collaboration for FinTech success.

by Matt Kollmorgen Jan 30, 2019


The Blueprint for Recommendation System Success

How a hybrid recommendation engine creates competitive differentiation.

by Taras Kurnytskyi Jan 29, 2019


FPGA Development (Using OpenCL)

Take a closer look at why FPGA is so popular, how to improve the development process using OpenCL, and how SoftServe benchmarked using Cyclone V.

by Valentyn Kropov Jan 28, 2019


Retail Innovations for 2019: Getting Started

Looking to innovate in 2019? Take a look at recommendations for D2C, B2B, B2C, and CPG.

by Borys Omelayenko, CIPP/E Jan 24, 2019

Data & Analytics Media

First Fines Under GDPR

By the end of 2018, regulators had enough time to investigate and issue the first set of GDPR fines. Here are some examples.

by Matt Kollmorgen Jan 23, 2019


All Hail, Hybrid

Why a hybrid model should be used for recommendation engines.

by Jerry Sanchez Nov 29, 2018

Security Software Development

Security and Compliance: Good, Better, Best

Ensure security + compliance in software optimization.

by Anne Johnson Nov 29, 2018

Experience Design

SoftServe Proud Feature of ATX Design Week

As part of the week’s activities, SoftServe participated in an office tour, where we were able to showcase our Austin office, how we work, and what we’ve been working on.

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