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by Serge Haziyev Aug 13, 2018

The Ants go Marching On

How prioritization and collaboration are essential to data value strategy

by Matt Kollmorgen Aug 02, 2018

Nike Just Did It (And Why Your Brand Should, Too)

Personalization in brand experience is more data-driven now than ever.

by Ihor Vasyutyn Jul 31, 2018

The Four Corners of Successful Healthcare Gamification

As gamification extends into other industries, how can healthcare capitalize on its many use cases?

by Matt Kollmorgen Jul 19, 2018

Technological Triage for Media

How to reclaim fans through innovation.

by Matt Kollmorgen Jul 04, 2018

The Subtle Difference Between AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not interchangeable

by Antonina Skrypnyk Jul 03, 2018

Why to Align DLT Strategy and Use Case

Aligning DLT potential with relevant use cases.

by Jess Vadino Jun 27, 2018

Reachable Innovations for Retail

Accessible ways to capture customer data and engagement.

by Mykola Maksymenko Jun 25, 2018

Creating Scalable DLT Ecosystems

As distributed ledger technology (DLT) is deployed, it is crucial that the system stays efficient as it grows.

by Jess Vadino Jun 15, 2018

Data’s Role in the Retail Experience

Find a 360-degree view of the customer through retail data integration.

by Nataliya Nazar, Roman Kolodchak Jun 14, 2018

SoftServe Launches Innovation HUB Program in Poland with Amplify Business AI Hackathon

SoftServe recently launched its Innovation HUB program hosting a Business Innovation Hackathon for its customer.

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