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by Oleksandr Berchenko Jan 19, 2017

Data & Analytics Software Development

How to Load Data from a Hadoop Cluster into a MemSQL Database

In this post, system architect Oleksandr Berchenko describes two ways to load data from HDFS to a MemSQL database.

by Matt Kollmorgen Jan 11, 2017

Innovation Platform

Digital Transformation – It’s Really All About People

While technology powers today's startups, for users, digital disruption is about creating a memorable experience.

by Serge Haziyev Jan 03, 2017

Innovation Platform

Digital Resolutions for a Disruptive New Year

Here's how your enterprise organization can take a broader, deeper, and more thorough approach to digital transformation.

by Serge Haziyev Dec 20, 2016

Innovation Platform

5 Trends to Watch in 2017

Learn how Design Thinking, digital platforms, VR, blockchain, and AI will transform industries in the new year.

by Nadiya Trub, Volodymyr Dovhanyk, Yuliya Yurchyshyn Dec 15, 2016

Software Development

Scope Creep: When Development Projects Don’t Go as Planned

According to PMI, 44% of projects in 2015 suffered from scope creep. Learn how to avoid it in SoftServe's new blog.

by Dec 05, 2016

Financial Services Security

Seven Security Strategies for FinTech

Read on for a unique set of security concerns financial services, banking, and fintech industries are facing.

by R&D Team Dec 01, 2016

Healthcare R&D

Meet BioLock: Smart Biometrics for Tomorrow

ECG-based smart system for continuous authentication and monitoring of human well-being.

by Halyna Semenova, Pavlo Vedilin Nov 08, 2016

Innovation Platform

When It’s Time to “Go Digital"

Get ready to embrace digital transformation and evolve into a digital enterprise keeping up with an inevitable business shift.

by Michael Verlanov Nov 01, 2016

DevOps R&D

Perks of ChatOps: VoiceMyBot!

VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place without actual code integrations.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Oct 29, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

How to Process Slowly Changing Dimensions in Hive

How to handle Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) in a data warehouse with Hive database.

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