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by Jess Vadino Nov 21, 2018


RETAIL HIVE LIVE RECAP: Engaging the Connected Customer

Take a look at the key takeaways from retailers and retail experts as a result of the roundtable topic, “Data, Analytics & Customer Visibility in an Omnichannel World.”

by Jerry Sanchez Nov 14, 2018

Security Software Development

Avoid Stormy Weather—Optimize Cloud Security

What your company needs for cloud security optimization.

by Taras Kovalchuk Nov 08, 2018


Extended Reality: Fact and Fiction

AR, VR, and MR are taking the world by storm—but what are the common misconceptions behind extended reality?

by Taras Kovalchuk Nov 06, 2018

Healthcare IOT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

Why Healthcare Needs AI and ML—Stat!

Big strides in healthcare’s digital journey are available daily.

by Anton Arapetyan Oct 23, 2018


Healthcare: Progress Starts with People

Machine learning makes healthcare better, but not without people.

by Alexander Amelin Oct 17, 2018


Don’t Fear the Cloud—Embrace It

Improve security and compliance with AWS and SoftServe.

by Jeremy Parsons Oct 10, 2018


Breaking Out of the Old Brick-and-Mortar Retailing

How will your retail business rethink the way it does brick-and-mortar?

by Alexander Amelin Oct 03, 2018


Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

How AWS and SoftServe empower healthcare providers today and for the future.

by Vladyslav Tsybul’nyk, PhD Oct 03, 2018


Is FPGA the “Next Big Thing” in AI Hardware?

How do field programmable graphics arrays (FPGA) fare within bleeding edge technology application such as deep learning?

by Matt Kollmorgen Oct 02, 2018


Person(ality) Driven Recommendations for Media

How media can speak the right language for the five personality types.

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